What is the Best Preparation Material for UPTU?

Your parents want you to become a successful person in life. For this, you need to study hard and enroll in a graduate degree course. If you are inclined towards technical know-how, you can appear for the Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examinations (UPSEE). This entrance test is considered for admissions in colleges registered with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University (formerly known as UPTU).

There are an enormous amount of resources available for UPSEE entrance test preparation. But, you cannot read it all. Therefore, you are advised to refer specific study material best suited for your needs. Your selection of study material is dependent on one of the 12 papers of UPSEE entrance examination. Here, we have compiled a list of best preparation material for UPTU.

First, we will discuss the basic subjects:


  1. C. Verma Volume 1 & Volume 2: If you are an engineering aspirant, this book is the best resource for you right now. Trusted by every teacher and engineer, H. C. Verma provides concise and clear concepts, along with relevant questions.

Fundamental of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, & Walker: If you feel that you need to start from the basics, grab the latest edition of this book. Read carefully to understand the fundamentals. Solve numerous questions based on these fundamental concepts. After that, proceed further with an advanced book.

UP Board Books, Class 11th and 12th: Since you are opting for UPSEE, you just cannot avoid UP Board books. The toughness level of these books will test your patience and eventually with practice, you will be prepared for the UPSEE entrance test.


Numerical Chemistry by R C Mukherjee: Most of the Physical Chemistry is based on formulas and numerical. This book is a must for practicing mole concepts. There are questions that deal with the basic to advance concepts.

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry by OP Tandon: Since you have Numerical Chemistry for the Physical portion, you need a reliable book for the other two portions. OP Tandon provides a perfect solution for Organic and Inorganic portions. There are a lot of problems with varying difficulties.

UP Board Chemistry Books for Class 11th and 12th: Before attempting aforementioned Chemistry books, be familiar with the textbooks. This will help you understand basic concepts. Solve multiple questions until you are satisfied with your performance.


Objective Mathematics by R D Sharma: This is, by far, the best book for almost all the entrance examinations. It offers detailed concepts, formulas, and questions for thorough understanding of the subject.

NCERT or UP Board Class 11th or 12th Books: If you have access to any of these books, this will be sufficient for your UPSEE Mathematics preparation. After this, you have to solve numerous questions to test your level.


Dinesh Objective Biology: If your concepts are clear, buy Dinesh Objective Biology to advance further into the UPSEE preparation. Otherwise, read your textbooks thoroughly and then proceed with Dinesh Objective Biology.

Study Notes of Aakash Institute: Aakash Institute provides valuable study material, especially in Biology. So, if you have access to the study material, your half work is almost done. You just need start preparing diligently for UPSEE examination.


Sample Papers, Previous Year Papers, Aptitude Tests

Sample papers play a major role in the success of an individual. It makes you familiar with the question paper format and instills time management skills in you. Grab the sample papers of Arihant, or any popular publications, to begin with the preparation. Moreover, there is a collection of previous year papers as well. Most of the time, questions are repeated. So, you can solve these to get more clarity of the subjects.

For most of the papers, there is an Aptitude section. There are a lot of valuable books that provide valuable study material for reasoning, quantitative aptitude, English language, and general knowledge.

You can easily get information about the entrance exam and study materials online, just click here.

Buy the best study material for UPTU entrance preparation. The aforementioned study material provides a complete solution for your preparation. You have the power of pursuing your dreams. You just need to realize your potential and work hard to accomplish your goal.