What is clearing?

So, let’s get the ball rolling and begin with just what is this thing called ‘clearing’? Clearing is a method which is utilised in universities and colleges to help fill any places which still remain in their courses. Clearing provides someone with the chance to be considered by another university for entry if they have requested through UCAS but never received any offers. During Clearing you might also have the chance to explore a place in another university, even if you are holding an offer in another place. Conditions might change which means an offer elsewhere can be turned down in favour of choosing another course or university by way of Clearing.

If you have an offer, make sure to check your UCAS Track on Results Day to certify that you have been accepted by the chosen university for your course. If you find after checking the results, that you have been unsuccessful, UCAS Track will state ‘You are in Clearing’, or ‘Clearing has begun’ and you can begin searching for a course in Art and Design Clearing 2017.

Application Making

After going through and having checked the vacancies and selecting a course, you must contact the university on a Clearing Hotline to see if the course is still available. Remember that having your UCAS Personal ID and exam results somewhere will be extra handy. Whilst calling, the university will tell you if your qualifications are deemed appropriate, including any GCSE or subject-specific requirements that might apply.

Should you be successful, you will soon receive an offer of a place based on the results you declared over the phone. Afterwards you will receive an email confirmation of the offer, and then it’s necessary for you to refer yourself via Clearing to the university and then they will confirm your place.

Keep an Eye on Things

If you think there happens to be a possibility that you will be in Clearing, try thinking ahead. Do some critical study into universities that provide alternative courses that you just might have some interest in. Track your application and before making any calls, keep an eye on UCAS Track to examine the exact status of your application. Make sure you know every one of your details and have all information together and sorted before you make any call to a university. When calling a university don’t forget to be polite and somewhat enthusiastic, and simply treat it as you would for an interview, as naturally the university wishes to know why you want to study there.

Ensure Making the Correct Choice

Clearing can be stressful, so try to chill. Of course, you don’t have to grab the first one that is offered to you, so try taking your time and ponder on the offers, as this is a vital choice which will occupy your life over the next three years.

Use your intuition and everything should be right!