Vital essentials you should know before hiring a content marketing agency

If you’re someone who has not been living under the rock, you must be aware of the fact that content marketing is the most happening thing in the SEO industry. Majority of the marketers have now shifted their focus on shaping rich content which offers immense value to the target audience and the end customers. As Google seems to be head over heels in love with good content, this is gradually reaping huge dividends.

But hey, who do you think will create the valuable content which Google is crazy about? How would you decide which type of content is going to rock your SEO efforts and send your business to the first page of search engine result pages? How would you get the leads flowing? Should you hire a professional content writing service like ContentMart? If yes, here are few points to consider.

#1: Is the agency full of real content players?

As everyone is in need of content, the market is full of players who claim to be the best in content marketing. Hence, before taking the plunge, never forget to check whether or not they really understand content writing and marketing and whether they have a team to writers to support their claims. You can test this by signing them with a small project with a deadline only to check whether or not they can live up to their claims. You will also get clear expectations of what to expect from them.

#2: What type of content are they dealing with?

The next thing to ask a content agency is the type of content that they have been dealing with. If you wish to get SEO articles written by them, you have to check whether they have expertise in that type of content. In case you need descriptions of products, you have to get an agency with similar expertise. Steer clear of those companies which offer content writing but not of the type which you need.

#3: Are their goals similar to yours?

Most of the professional content writing agencies have a pitch where they offer SEO content, around 10-20 articles in a month on topics which have been decided from before. Hence, it is high time that you analyze your content marketing goal. What is your ultimate goal? Do you wish to increase sales, build authority, gain traffic or generate leads? The agency requires a clear way of measuring goals and agreeing on a way of accomplishing them within set deadlines.

#4: Do they use content to sell their company?

If you take a close look at the content marketing agencies, you will see that they not only sell content but they even use it to sell themselves as well. Selling content is a great way of building brand authority and developing a pipeline of leads. Since you are a prospective client, you are bound to evaluate their work and if you see that they’re selling content to sell their brand, it’s time to seek help of some other company.

Therefore, now that you know the vital essentials that you should take into account before hiring a pro content writing agency, don’t forget to consider these points to settle down with the best.