Check These Five Things to Choose an Essay Editing Service

Writing academic essays can be a big challenge, and if you have managed to finish the first draft, it makes sense to choose an essay editing service. While there are many online services, not all are the same. It’s important to choose a reliable essay editing services that offers good assistance and support. Here’s a quick guide that will help students in finding the right online team for editing work.

  1. First things first, start by understanding the expertise of the concerned company. Academic essay editing has a number of niches, and each one is different and needs a specialized approach. Talk to the editing service to understand their areas of specialization. Keep in mind that one service can deal in numerous niches, because they have in-house editors from different backgrounds.


  1. When it comes to editing and writing, reputation is an aspect that you cannot afford to ignore. You can find client testimonials on the website of the concerned service, or you can always ask for client references. Also, you might want to get a sample edited paper or case, so that you can understand their work better. There are no hard rules of finding the professional background and accomplishments, and hence, it’s important to ask as many questions as possible.
  1. The third aspect that needs attention is the pricing. Editing and writing tasks are charged for each page, and the cost can be different for different subjects. Talk to an essay writing service to know the charges, which can be offered in terms of packages. For example, you might have a package that just includes proofreading for grammar issues, while the other one may include other things, as well.
  1. Check if they offer critique editing. Proofreading your essay for typos and grammar isn’t just the only task of the editor. He is expected to also offer constructive criticism of the project, which will help in improving the construction, structure and overall content. For such services, the editor needs to have a complete understanding of the project and should be able to offer direct tips on improving the essay.


  1. Finally, you need to check the support offered by the editing service. It’s important to have a turn-around time for the essay, which is ideally between 48 to 72 hours for proofreading work. For other tasks, the required time can be longer. Make sure that you seek a deadline for the work. Also, the overall support is an aspect that most students ignore. The concerned company or essay editing service should be available to take queries and questions during the editing process. Support can be offered on phone or email, but since most students hire these services online, the assistance and answers are mostly offered through email.

Check online to find a few companies for essay editing, and don’t miss on asking for a quote for the job. If you are choosing a package, always choose the inclusions and exclusions in detail before taking the final call!

Author Bio: Richard Fernandez is an author on lifestyle and has worked with numerous websites and blogs in the last five years. He is often known for his exclusive expertise with education and travel niches.