Airline Pilot Interview: 5 Questions You Will Be Asked for Sure

No matter where you go, there will be some standard airline pilot interview questions that you will be asked. If you are looking for careers in airlines, then prepare yourself with these 5 questions to ace the rounds.

  1. Could You Please Introduce Yourself?

Start off with generic information such as name, age etc. Give out brief yet crucial details of your higher education and pilot training. Take a whole 5 minutes to talk about yourself. What is important is that you should link everything together to make it interesting.

  1. Why Do You Want to Become a Pilot?

Take a sheet of paper and make a list of all the possible reasons as to why you choose to become a pilot. It’s alright if the list is exhaustingly long! Then choose four to five most relevant reasons and that will be your answer. Explaining them with examples is always better.

  1. Why Do You Want to Work as a Pilot for Our Airline Instead of Another One?

Now this will require lots and lots of research. When you attend an interview, it is the golden rule that you learn about the company – what it does, its achievements etc. Once you have prepared yourself with this information, you can impress the interviewer by talking about the airlines and its accomplishments and that you want to be a part of such a novel organization. Generic answers are forbidden.

  1. Can You Speak Our Local/Country Language?

It is an added plus point if you can converse in the local language. But if you can’t, don’t just say ‘No’ or ‘No but I am ready to learn’. Rather answer in a positive manner like “I recently bought a book to learn it”. Convince them that you are on your way to master the language. Demonstrate this to them by speaking a few sentences. Try learning the local language as it will come handy. Learning the English language is also recommended.

  1. What Are You Ready to Do As a Pilot for Our Airline?

Most of the candidates are not prepared for such questions and they are left speechless. So, croon your way through the question with an impressive (yet not over the top) answer. Through the answer, give a subtle hint of your punctuality, knowledge, effective and excellent communication skills. Let them know that you take first-hand command in every critical situation.